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Kyle McCarthy

We need $3.6 trillion to fix America's infrastructure. The policy of federal lending, as distinct from federal spending, can be used to kickstart a national economic recovery.


The signature hallmark of a labor movement on the ascendency has been a militant minority entering the ranks.

CNN's shot of the Capitol Building was interrupted through numerous segments by UFAA signage

Webster Tarpley led a contingent of UFAA activists in various interventions in Washington DC leading up to inauguration day. The highlight of the weekend was UFAA's scene-stealing appearance on CNN, where a live broadcast was interrupted for over 30 minutes by a sign demanding the 1% Wall Street Sales Tax.


Over the next several months, the Wall Street ruling class and its controlled politicians in the Republican and Democratic parties will attempt to inflict a series of savage and brutal austerity measures on the American people – measures which will add up to the initiation of domestic genocide on an unprecedented scale. This will occur irrespective of whether Obama or Romney has won the November presidential election.


Jun 21, 2014

Matt Folger and Evan Spadoni expose the reactionary agenda of Free Trade and globalization. A fascinating and wide-ranging discussion. Subscribe for updates at ucy.tv

Jun 21, 2014

Webster Tarpley revisits his riveting lecture to the 2014 Left Forum. Essential, a must watch!

May 4, 2014

PBS, EuroTobin, Piketty, the Party Duopoly & Debunking Peter Schiff Continued

Apr 28, 2014

Is Elizabeth Warren presidential material? UFAA activist Matt Folger's review of her new book suggests her to be an honest legislator, but exposes certain areas of dangerous naivete. Plus, geopolitics at work in Ukraine, The Economist stokes inter-generational conflict, and a continued debunking of Austrian School "economist" Peter Schiff.

Apr 27, 2014

Haneul Na'avi of The Last Defense interviews UFAA activist Alain Lareau in a wide-ranging discussion centered around the 1% Wall Street Sales Tax.