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Tax Wall Street Party

The two-party system has become an intolerable straitjacket on the hopes and dreams of the American people. More than ever, we need a viable alternative to a future of budget cuts, unemployment, despair and war. The Tax Wall Street Party is the UFAA’s electoral vehicle to inject hard-hitting economic demands into political contests.

The Failure of Anti-Establishment Politics in America

Occupy Wall Street and the related mass strike upsurge of 2011 showed that the New Deal is still alive in the hearts of the American people. But this moment was sabotaged by so-called leaders of these movements who were unwilling to make concrete demands for economic reform.

While glimmers of hope remain within the Democratic party, the Wall Street-owned party leadership is in lockstep with the decrepit Republican party in its quest for more free trade, austerity, deregulation and war.

Independent voters can only register their distaste by choosing between utopian radicals on the left and right, neither side capable of ever appealing to the vast majority of working American families.

The Tax Wall Street Party offers American voters what they sorely need and increasingly demand – a concrete program of economic reform, based on the proven traditions of Lincoln’s American System, FDR’s New Deal, and JFK’s New Frontier.

Our Methods:

1. Tax Wall Street Party candidates

We will run candidates for office on the Tax Wall Street Party ticket, as we did in 2013 for New York City mayoral candidate Randy Credico. This offers a low likelihood of success, but a chance to engage in public debate and force other candidates toward New Deal positions.

2. TWSP Democrats

We will run and support serious Democratic candidates for office, who are willing to run on the UFAA program of economic reform. This will offer realistic chances for electoral victory and help to strengthen the growing populist faction within the Democratic party.

3. Pressure / Advocacy Campaigns

Where we do not have a candidate or realistic chance of victory, we will focus on voter education and mobilization. Our goals are: 1) to insert our program into electoral debates; 2) to weaken Republican candidates through exposure and protest; and 3) to strengthen and embolden populist Democrats by demanding their adherence to programmatic demands.

Fight With Us for The Next New Deal

The great transformations in American economic and political life – typified by the reforms of Hamilton, Lincoln, FDR and JFK – happened when an upsurge in mass political action was fueled by an effective economic program. The Tax Wall Street Party offers the only program that can lift America out of depression and into a new era of peace, prosperity and development. Will you fight with us? Read our Program, join us on Facebook, sign up for our e-Newsletter, or Contact Us to get involved!