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Printable Flyers

#FreePinkney Flyer

A 2-sided, 5.5 x 8.5" leaflet to spread awareness of Rev. Edward Pinkney to rallies for Ferguson, MO.

Flyer: Make Them Pay!

A 1-page flyer to promote the 1% Wall Street Sales Tax to general audiences.

The Next New Deal

The UFAA's program of economic reform, in a 12-page, printable pdf.


Don't End the Fed – Seize It! This 1-page flyer explains how to finance an American economic recovery with Federal credit.

March on Washington

A 1-page flyer in support of the August 24, 2013 March on Washington and the "Labor Fightback" coalition. Join the UFAA and numerous trade unionists and activists – details at

Student Debt Relief

A 1-page flyer in support of Bank On Students, prepared by UFAA NYC. A very catchy graphic, and has space on the bottom to substitute your senators' names.

Bank On Students – General Use Flyer

A 1-page flyer introducing S.897, Elizabeth Warren's Bank On Students Loan Fairness Act. This should be used for general audiences, for email forwards, social media, etc.

Bank On Students: Student Mobilization

Emancipate yourself from debt slavery! Get active on campus for S.897, Sen. Elizabeth Warren's bill to use the Federal Reserve to refinance student loans at 0.75%.

America's First New Deal

America’s real founders did not support free trade and limited government. This brief flyer uses their own words to show our New Deal heritage.

Stop Spending, Start Lending!

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), America needs to invest a minimum of $3.6 trillion in public infrastructure by 2020. Only the Federal Reserve, forced to act as a national bank, has the power to emit these funds as long-term, interest-free credit.